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Below are personal accounts of men who chose to get circumcised as adults. For more recent experiences, please visit BLOUCH!, the blog for Project Ouch, where men and women recount stories of their experiences with circumcision.

A Poem What Circumcision Cost Me Circumcision is Serious I'm losing sensitivity at a fast rate!
Circumcision is Ugly! Wearing a glove/Sight Without Color Men Circumcised as Infants Don't Know What They're Missing All the Nerve Ends Had Died Overnight
Circumcision Destroys a Very Joyful Aspect A Terrible Loss of Pleasure Results from This Cruel Operation I Have a Relatively Unresponsive Stick Where I Once Had a Sexual Organ The Decision to Get Circumcised [is] the Biggest Mistake in My Life
Circumcision Permanantly Weakens I Might Not Feel it To Inflict Irreparable Damage on a Non-Consenting Infant is Tragic At The Age of 6, I Realised That a Lot of The Other Boys Had Something That I Didn't.
Every time I look down at my dried up, wrinkled, bumpy glans I'm reminded of what they did to me.

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