What Circumcision Cost Me:

Comfort during the first few weeks of life

Pleasure and freedom from pain for weeks while I was 13 years old, when my penis grew faster than the skin around it, and it tore. This tear continuly caused pain while it was healing, causing discomfort any time I had need to move my penis... PE, urinating, and yes auto-gratification.

The pleasure of one sexual partner when I tore again when I was 21.

The pleasure of another sexual partner when I was 23, she was used to Intact males(Amazing as we both were in the US at the time), my circumcised penis dried her out, and caused her discomfort. To add insult to injury, it took a long time for me to reach orgasm... A direct effect of the loss of nerves caused by my mutilation. We never engaged in sexual contact again.

My JOB. I was fired for honestly answering a person's questions reguarding my belief that circumcision is a crime against the rights of a child. Not to mention the loss of self confidence for being unemployed. A loss I still have yet to recover from.

My harmonious relationships with my Mother, Father, and Grandmother.

The sensitive skin that should have protected my glans from abrasion, and even sunburn (on one occasion), and the numerous other functions of the foreskin... some of which haven't probably yet been discovered.

My circumcision has cost me a lot, and the pain continues... A scar will always remind me that my body was altered for no reason justified by medical need. I despise my circumcision. I despise what was done to me, and I know in my heart, the costs will continue to rack up, until the last circumcised boy on this planet dies.

James Parsons - November, 1998

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