. . . I did decide to get circumcised at age 28, mainly because I had heard that it was much easier to keep clean . . . I found that the negatives of circumcision far outweighed the minor benefit of a slight improvement in hygiene.

I wound up being very sorry that I had become circumcised because of a major loss of sexual enjoyment after the circumcision. I found that the loss of my foreskin led to a drying out of the head of my penis and a resulting loss of sensitivity . . .

But the biggest factor in the loss of sexual enjoyment was that I no longer had a foreskin to massage the head of my penis during intercourse and masturbation. I no longer had skin moving tightly back and forth across the head of my penis, which had provided a great deal of pleasure previously.

I still consider the decision to get circumcised the biggest mistake in my life."

--R.P. [quoted], Tulsa, The Joy of Uncircumcising! Restore Your Birthright and Maximize Sexual Pleasure, by Jim Bigelow, PhD, Hourglass Book Publishing, 1992

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