I was circumcised at birth, but it was not until I went to school at the age of 6 that I realised that a lot of the other boys had something that I didn't. I couldn't believe that my mother would have allowed a doctor to cut off a part of my penis. I became envious of those who still had their foreskins & angry about my loss.I really felt that I was missing something rather vital. Many years later I asked why I had been circ'd. I was told that it had been on the advice of my grandfather. Apparently he had to be circ'd at the age of 12 because "his foreskin grew so tight that he couldn't pee ". This explanation made absolutely no sense to me. So , to cut the story short, I resolved that if I was ever blessed with a son there would be no way that anyone would get near his little wiener with a scalpel.

-- Anon.

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