I am 42. I had myself circumcised 12 years ago. I am still not used to it. It was not a medical circ. I did it because I thought sex would be better.

It took me over a year to be comfortable in my clothing.

I have to use lubrication if I masturbate, now. I must use lube during sex, now, even if my partner has plenty of her own.

I look at the scar and realize how UGLY a circumcision is.

I have now lost most of my sensitivity. A train could run over my glans and I wouldn't feel it. My wife complains that I am too rough in bed. It is the only way I can feel it. For some reason, I now come in much less time. Before, I could go at least an hour non-stop. Now I am happy if I last 10 minutes.

You never get over it.

J.M., May, 1997

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