I was circumcised when I was 23 because my girlfriend talked me into it. The operation itself wasn't painful, it was the fact that after 20 or so years the sensitive part of my penis was exposed. Clothes would irritate me for about 5 weeks and then I started to lose some feeling to the head of my penis. I had to stay home from work and wear loose-fitting clothes or a "sarong" so as not to feel the rubbing of cloth on the tip.

The sensitivity has now decreased and I can even go jogging without getting an erection. The skin on the head has toughened up now, and I must admit that sex lasts longer for me. But one worry I have is if I loose sensitivity at the rate I have been, what will it be like when I'm much older. What people forget is that once the head is exposed, it's always rubbing on your clothes or your bed sheets."

J.M., May, 1997

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