Eight weeks ago I was circumcised. In order to adjust to the exposure of a previously protected glans I used . . . Nupercainal for about a week [then] the glans was permitted to "dry" and "peel" (in much the same way that skin peels after a sunburn); by the end of the second week the process was completed and about 75% of my sensitivity was gone whereas brushing my hand against the glans before circumcision would drive me up a wall, now I could comfortably rub it.

My first ejaculation was a totally new sensation; the glans actually felt naked afterwards, throbbing with blood and sensitive to the cool air it almost ached for the protection of a warm sheath, which would never be possible again.

I will eventually have about 90% less sensitivity than before. Startling as this might seem to most circumcised guys, it is quite true and should give them some idea of the intensity of sensations they have never known. I used to experience great pleasure in touching myself, or in masturbating even during sex. That pleasure no longer exists.

Because I have lost so much physical feeling I must now rely heavily on mental stimulation to achieve orgasm. I am constantly on the lookout for new ways or mechanical gadgets that provide greater mental and physical stimulation simply to experience the sensations previously achieved with hand strokes alone.

Now an orgasm is an achievement, and if I am not turned on experiencing it is sheer work. Because so much feeling has left I seek intensified stimulation . . . though my glans is less sensitive, overall, it is more sensitive to scraping, etc. because it has no protective covering, and because it is less sensitive it requires greater pressure to achieve orgasm.

Concerning anal sex, I was never big on it. . . . Now I seek it constantly; it is, in a way, a longing for the protective sheath I have lost along with its moisture and warmth. . . . Those who were circumcised as infants cannot imagine what pleasurable sensations were destroyed at the outset. --"Circumcision: Prime Cut," by George Desantis, QQ Magazine, March/April 1976

J.M., May, 1997

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