After thirty years in the natural state, I allowed myself to be persuaded by a physician to have the foreskin removed not because of any problems at the time, but because, in the physician's view, there might be some problems in the future. That was five years ago, and I am sorry I had it done now from my standpoint and from what my female sex partners have told me. . . . the sensitivity in the glans had been reduced by at least 50%. There it is unprotected, constantly rubbing against the fabric of whatever I am wearing. In a sense, it had become calloused. Intercourse is now (as we used to say about the older, heavier condoms) like washing your hands with gloves on . . . I seem to have a relatively unresponsive stick where once I had a sexual organ.

--S. J., Denver [quoted], Say No to Circumcision! 40 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Respect His Birthright and Keep Your Son Whole, by Thomas J. Ritter, MD, Hourglass Book Publishing, 1992

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