Circumcision That Didn't Heal Kills Boy

The Boy's Circumcision Wasn't Healing Properly

CLEVELAND, Posted 6:46 a.m. October 20, 1998 -- A 3-week-old boy died while doctors were trying to fix a problem with his circumcision.

A pediatrician noticed the circumcision performed on Dustin Evans two weeks ago wasn't healing properly and the urethra was blocked.

A routine surgical procedure was needed to correct the problem and clear the hole. While being administered anesthesia on Friday, the boy's heart stopped, said his father, Dustin Evans Sr., 27.

Doctors at Rainbow Babies Childrens Hospital attempted to save the baby by massaging his heart and inserting breathing tubes. He was kept on a life-support ventilator system during the day until it was determined that his heart was healthy, but he had suffered massive brain damage.

Dustin was disconnected from life support about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

."You think," Evans said, "'What could go wrong with a circumcision?' The next thing I know he's dead. The doctors didn't tell us nothing. All they said was that they were sorry. So I guess my 3-week-old son died from nothing."

Hospital spokeswoman Eileen Korey said Monday she was limited in what she could say about his death. "We express the hospital's deepest condolences to the family," she said. "But in this case, as in all others, we are unable to talk about details because of confidentiality reasons."

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