$$$ 1,200,000 Recovery
One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Recovery

Bronx County N.Y. 
Plaintif Nozik  #20875/90

3 year old Jewish Russian Immigrant child Operated by a Mohel in the
Urologist's outpatient clinic.  Consent was for urologist to perform circ.
 Instead, Mohel negligently amputated the head of the of the penis.  The
urologist attempted to reattach the penis and transferred the boy to Bellvue
hospital by ambulance.  80% of the head of the penis necrosed and was lost.

one month long trial
$500,000 Outpatient Clinic
$550,000 Urologist
3rd party (not stated in report-possible the Anesthesiologist?) $150,000
Mohel declared bankruptcy

[Thanks to Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.]

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