The risk of UTI in the neonate is minimal at best and easily managed with oral antibiotics. Surgical amputation is not necessary and is not performed in the vast majority of males worldwide. A study published by JAMA in April 1997 reported that uncircumcised males did not present with chlamydial infection. However, many circumcised males did present with this prominent STD. Why is this fact not emphasized, as is T. Wiswell's erroneous statement that amputation prevents UTI, STD, etc.? The USA is the only advanced nation that performs this unnecessary genital amputation for no known medical indication (AAP, 1975). Canada, European nations, South and Central American nations, and all non-Muslim nations of Asia do not amputate this functional body part from nonconsenting children.

Daniel Skomp, RN, CPN
Hilo Medical Center

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