I'm Scared to Death to Have Another Son

By Crystal (1999)

My son is now 2, and I regret having him cut. After he was born I had reservations about having him circumcised in the hospital, so I waited 8 days and took him to the pediatrician.

I handed him to the dr. and took a seat in the waiting room. After a few minutes my ds started screaming, I had not expected this, so I jumped up to run to him. It took 3 nurses to keep me out, I was in hysterics!

When they brought him back to me I was crying so hard I couldn't see to drive, it took 30 min. before I could leave. Everytime I changed his diaper I fell apart, and my dh had to finish the job when he was home.

I can't do this to another baby, but my husband says HIS sons will be circumcised. I'm very angry about this, he wasn't there, he didn't have to listen as his baby screamed! His only reason for it is because he's circumcised. He's not Jewish, nor does he have a medical reason, just so his sons will look like him. I've already told him I'm not having anything to do with it, the burden's all on him if he wants it done. He keeps telling me how silly I'm being about this, how the baby won't remember 5 min. after it's done, will be glad later. How can I convince him not to do it? I'm scared to death to have another son now.

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