My First Son's Circumcision

By "Sam's Mom" (March, 1999)

I have 3 boys. The oldest is circumcized, and the other two aren't. When my first baby was born, I talked it over with my OB and decided to follow her recommendation to have it done. My husband is circumcized and tended to lean toward wanting it done too. So, my OB did the procedure in her office about a week after his birth.

Needless to say, when they brought my screaming baby back to me, and I saw what his poor little penis looked like, it broke my heart. It healed up fine and it's okay now, but I pretty much knew then that I never wanted either myself or my baby to go through that again.

After doing some research and finding out how unnecessary circumcision is, my gut feeling was reaffirmed. I've since had two more boys who were left intact. I only wish I was informed enough to have made that decision the first time.

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