The Piercing Cries and Screams of the Baby Made Us All Cry.


Our son was born in a hospital and needed to stay 5 days for observation. We opted instead to bring Sage into the hosp every day to get checked. During that time, we were present for a handful of circumcisions. This guy (looked and dressed like Captain Kangaroo) came into the nursery and did it right there. at least he had the courtesy of closing the window blinds first. My husband and son and I were in the nursery, in a closed room waiting to see the pediatrician each day.

The first time there was a circumcision, the piercing cries and screams of the baby made us all cry. We were not able to watch but the sounds were heartbreaking and haunting. The next time we requested a radio to block out the cries of the baby but that baby did little more than squeak after the initial screaming, and before it was over, he was red-faced and obviously terrified; his mouth was open but no sound came out. All we could do each day was hold our son tightly and gape at each other. There is no way I would ever subject any child of mine to such horror and pain. I could not imagine doing that after carrying him in my body for nearly a year, loving and nurturing him in every way. His penis is his and not mine. My children are gifts to me and I took care to grow them as well as I could in order to give them bodies and minds that will serve them perfectly for the length of their lives. I cannot justify altering them because of my opinion of how they should look.-- Anon.

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