Ryan's Circumcision

by Paul (December 21, 2002)

He is finally here! Ryan Paul was born on Monday morning at 4:27 am. Kate's contraction started Sunday afternoon just after we got back from church. After waiting for 20 or so minutes to see if it was the real thing, we decided to go to the hospital. We called her parents, who live only 15 minutes away and they came over immediately to take care of our boys. We then got in the care and dove the 40 minutes to Brigham and Woman's hospital. When we arrived, Dr. O'Connor was already waiting and so we were quickly admitted and given a room. The Dr. O'Connor examined her and then he said Kate was already several centimeters dialated and that it was only a matter of waiting. We waited and waited. By midnight the pain was intense enough that Kate asked for an epidural and was quickly given one. Very soon after that she started pushing in earnest. Then at 4:27 am Ryan Paul, weighing 7lbs 11oz fell into the doctors arms. Ryan was immediately placed on Kate's belly and I was allowed to cut the cord, a new experience for me. I got to hold him next and then he was taken to the counter to be cleaned up. The doctor cleaned up and while the nurses finished dressing Ryan he said, " Congratulations, it looks like you have a healthy new son. The nurse will take him to the nursery now, and then I will be performing his circumcision at around 7 and he will be back to you by 10 so that we can observe him afterwards." I was a little surprised at that statement. All my other sons had been circumcised the next day not so soon after birth. When I made this comment he replied " A baby need a minimum of 2 hours observation before any surgery, no matter how minor. For that reason my rule is that a baby needs to be born before 430 am to be circumcised that day. (He looked at his watch) And at 4:27 Ryan just made the deadline. Your other sons were born later in the day and so had to wait for the next day's circumcision." Well that satisfied my questions, I did feel a little guilty putting my son through surgery so soon after birth, but I nodded my consent and Ryan was taken to the nursery. I then went to call home and announce the great news to an excited family back home. I then went to the cafeteria to get some coffee and a muffin. At 7:05 I looked at the clock and again felt a twinge of guilt that my son was getting circumcised at that moment so soon after birth. But it was a necessity and the twinge of guilt quickly faded and did not come back. I then went back to the room and spent some time with Kate. At around 10 we called for Ryan and the nurse brought him into us. She happily proclaimed that Ryan had not cried at all and had been a perfect patient. That's my boy! I unwrapped his diaper and saw his penis covered in gauze and decided to leave it alone. All went well from there on and we were discharged the next day.

We are at home and are resting comfortably now. Ryan's brothers are very happy and excited to see him, as are his proud Grandparents. As for myself I love the little guy to death and I happy now that I have all four of my boys together. I will keep you updated on Ryan and how his circumcision heals, and I am sure that I will have more questions. Thanks and happy holidays.

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