I Really Wish I Hadn't

By "Bogie"

I am a mother who had it done to my son, and well, I really wish I hadn't. He was in extreme pain for 2 days. The only time he's ever cried hard was during the days following. He would quit breathing he cried so hard! Also, he had a vein nipped when it was done and he bled for hours; the doctor started to get worried about him losing too much blood. The doc even went so far as to manually pinch the vein closed with his fingers, which sent my son "through the roof"!

Now, a year later we are still having problems with his foreskin adhering and his doctor keeps pulling it back, and we do the Vasoline routine-- but it just grows right back again (almost overnight)!

"Ahh!," I ask myself, "Why EXACTLY did I have this done?" And I don't know; I just thought it was a good idea. So many others have had it done for years-- it just seems the norm. But I guarantee, if I have another, I will not put him through it. Please think twice and really pay attention to WHY you want to do this to him.

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