Never Again

By Susan (1998)

My son was circumsized at 2 weeks old and has nothing but problelms since. My ob/gyn never showed up at the hospital for a circumcision and had it done in the office. Within 24 hours of her doing it he was admitted in the hospital for a terrible infection. She had not used the proper size ring which caused him to be half circumsized. I saw a specialist, and when my son turns 6 months he has to get adhesions taken off. Am I going to have him recircumcised? NO WAY! I will never put another child of mine through this. About the cleaning of his penis. The specialist told me NOT to pull his foreskin back because that cause problems later. He said cleaning the outside is all it needs. If you have any other questions I am full of answers because I am going through the same thing.

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