Bleeding Problems with Routine Circ. of Infant

By Karen Stone (March, 20, 2001)

07:49pm Mar 20, 2001


Lucas was circ'd an hour ago....)0; Didn't go as well as I'd hoped, just glad it's over with. [My husband] and I were both with Casey when he was circ'd, this time [my husband] stayed in the waiting room and I was in with Lucas. He wasn't numbed as much as I had hoped AND he was still bleeding last night, so I had to take him into the ER and they held pressure on it for almost 30 minutes before having to resort to Zinc Oxide to get it to stop! )0; My head was pounding ALL day long from the stress.... Depending on the kind of clamp the doc uses, your dh should probably NOT be in the room for the circ. If the doc uses the Mogan, then it won't be so bad, but the Gomco is kinda gruesome and a lengthy procedure.....

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