Lack of Information


My only son was born almost three years ago. We hadn't REALLY thought about circumcision other than..."Well, he should look like Dad" NEVER did the pain cross my mind. I know what your all thinking, "MAN, is she STUPID!" But I'm not stupid, just had never been through that before and the doc. never once discussed it with us. When we were going to leave the hospital and I mean RIGHT when we were going to leave, the doc. comes in and says, "So, is the little guy ready?" I'm like, "ready for what?"...I had totally forgot about it. Two days looking at it and changing his diapers and never, not once did I see him as "different", it was just "the norm" I guess you could say, like 10 fingers, 10 toes. I never thought about his penis at all, until the doc. said that.

Well my husband signed the paper and off my perfect son went. He was given back to us, shaking and crying so deep that I started to cry. The next-- I don't know, week I guess (at least)-- my poor son cried when he used the bathroom, SCREAMED when I changed his diapers. We even ended up taking him to the E.R. the same night that we were released from the hosp. because it looked so bad...bleeding with green and yellow and purple. I was SO (underlined) upset at nyself for what we had chose. ALL THAT PAIN...FOR WHAT?!?!?!? I went back and forth from crying to being very angry at the lack of information that came our way before we made the decision. I said...over and over and over again that never again will I do that!!!!

Well now the subject has come up, I'm not pregnant, but I was (I lost 'em) and I still say NO WAY!!! But my husband wants to. He says, "I'm that way and so is our son"...I think that any and all of our other sons should be the same." I very strongly disagree! My point...How often are the men in our family going to be side by side naked. And when the boys are growing up (because you know they'll ask), I'll just say that God made them that way and not knowing any better (big mistake), I changed our first son. I don't feel it will be a problem at all. My husband on the other hand sees a problem. He doesn't like the un-circumcised penis at all...but he doesn't have to live with it either, ya know!

I, hate the circumcised [penis]...I just think it looks very ugly...but anyway, not the point here. My problem here is what happens next time we have a boy? I'll say no! and he'll say yes!??? Don't know how to solve this one. And another thing...our son can ALWAYS go back later in life and get the surgery done to himself. I would much rather it be done that way if done at all!...I mean, we don't do this to our girls, why our boys?!? Religion is not a factor for us so why...for looks?!?

If you have any ideas on how we can resolve this before a second son is born please feel free to e-mail me. Sorry it's so long...just venting a little. Thanks

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