Joshua's Circumcision

By Edna (1998)

I was told Joshua would feel no pain. The procedure was done correctly. He had a dorsal penile nerve block, as well as the EMLA. He was quiet until the circ. started. He screamed, and pooped all over himself. At times during the procedure, he cried much harder. I am upset that I even thought that he wouldn't be in pain. The sad part is, I was convinced that the anesthetic would work effectively. It was given correctly. The EMLA cream was left for 30 min. before he did the local. I didn't think he would feel anything. "One boy was crying and then gasped as the string was being tightened around the Plastibell." This is where Joshua really screamed. :( I am mad at myself for thinking he wouldn't feel pain. I know I can't change the past, but I can change the future. Hopefully I can help other parents trying to make a decision for their baby boys. Circ. is not necessary. It's extrememly painful and there is no need to put a child through such a trauma.I did give Joshua a dose of Motrin right after his circ. and again a few hours later. Parents need to realize that anesthesia used for a circ. isn't always effective because it doesn't penetrate all the nerves in the foreskin. I just want other parents to know that the anesthesia usually isn't effective and that these babies are in a great deal of pain. And it's NOT because they are strapped down or cold.

I urge parents to view a circ. before having it done. After seeing it firsthand, I will never choose to do it again. I can't stand it when people say 'Oh they cry because they are strapped down or because they are cold'. You can CLEARLY tell when a child is crying out of pain, and when the child is crying out of discomfort from the way he is being held/handled. I watched his face and heard his cries while it was being done. That will never leave me.I just wish I had come to my senses beforehand.

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