Jacob's Circumcision

By Jannelle (1999)

Parents, please ask all you can, learn all you can... Do not Accept one-word answers.

I made a horrible mistake and I regret it daily-- daily, as I change my sweet little one's diapers. I see the soreness, the red wound I caused. I said, 'Yes, yes take my son. Let me watch as you cause him needless pain; let me wonder why I had no idea of the actual thing I was saying yes to. It was like a question-- like 'What do you want for dinner?'-- so nonchalant. Not an issue; no biggie. I wanted my son circumcised. I thought it was cleaner, healthier, better. I thought all boys were circumcised.

Please learn from my mistake.

My son was in pain. He got pain medicines-- 2 kinds. He was even held by me as he was circumcised. He was asleep until they were half way through the surgery. His little cries-- he was sweating from the pain! I thought he was sweating 'cause I was hot and holding him tight! I was sweating! I was in surprise of the whole ordeal. I repect all parents, but if you were me, if you saw what I did, spent the hours I have looking and learning, you would say no. Its not necessary. Don't put your baby through any pain you don't have to.

My son is amost a month old and he is still healing; I am too. I don't know if I ever will. I feel like I let him down. I failed as a mother. How could I say yes to the pain? I took a chance and had not a clue it was a chance. My son was not only in pain from his circumcision, he got infected after and was away from me while he was poked, prodded, examined, looked at... He spent his first weeks in the hospital.

Please don't do this to your baby. You and he deserve better.

Blessing to all who have suffered as we have,
Jannelle and Jacob

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