"Social reformers are never, ever liked. They are always unpopular because they are always confronting a culture that doesn't want to know more about injustice for which they bear some responsibility." -Gregg Cunningham, Esq. Executive Director for The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
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Welcome to "Historical Medical Quotes On Circumcision". Many people ask me how this site got started and comment on how big it is. I started it in June, 1998, as a place to put some old medical quotes on circumcision I'd found- hence the name. As I researched circumcision's history, I slowly added information to the site. It quickly grew too big to be one page, so I added the blue menu bar that you see on the right. Not only do I have quotes by medical professionals- doctors, nurses, etc.- but also by mothers and fathers. These are not only experiences with having observed their sons' circumcisions, but with their experiences with having circumcised and non-circumcised sons.

In order to get an accurate picture of circumcision, one must not only look at what doctors and parents have to say today, but what they've said in the past - especially WHY they said it, historically. Each section deals with a different issue concerning circumcision; to each of these I've added many quotes to help elaborate.

I encourage you to not only review my site, but others as well. Make an informed decision. I hope this site will, is, or has helped you. Just choose from the menu at the right. Listed are 10 categories. Clicking on one will reveal several sub-topic links. Further reading may be done at any of the blue hyper-links. Any link which takes you off this site will pop up in a separate browser window, so that you may close it at your convenience, and to make navigating CircumcisionQuotes.com easier.

You may also search this site. Type your search word into the box at the top of this page and click the box " Google Search". (Note: Clicking on "Search WWW" will give you results from the web, in addition to my site.)

Please take a look at part of the book "Immaculate Deception II" by clicking the picture. You may also purchase this book, along with a wonderful childbirth video from the publisher.

NOTE about the photo of the baby on this page: I have had several questions about the baby in the picture above. No, he is not being circumcised, nor has he just been circumcised. That is a picture of my son at minutes old, after they'd wiped him up a bit. He's laying in the bassinet, next to my bed in the Labor Delivery & Recovery room. The yellow in the corner is a Mickey Mouse birthday hat! (See "How: Methods" in the blue menu bar to the right for descriptions of circumcision methods.)

[If you do not see a blue menu bar on the right, click here. You are at "Introduction".]

This site is not meant as medical advice.

"Maximize" your browser --so this site fills your whole screen-- for the best "look" of this website. Thanks!

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