I Cried

by Dom's Mom, 11/17/98

My first was born in 1994 and I had him circ'd at the hospital. A horror show! He screamed, I cried-it was horrible. His penis oozed for many days but healed fine.

The second time the procedure was much better thought out. I made an appointment the day I got home from the hospital to have it done in a Dr's office who routinely does circs in the office and doesn't do them without anesthesia OR in the hospital (took me the whole pregnancy to find this wonderful doc). He used a local and the baby did cry but as soon as he saw me he stopped and b-fed and never seemed to notice what was done at all. Healed in 3 days! The gauze fell off as soon as we got home and I had a look. It was never bloody or oozy, didn't even scab over or anything. "Perfectly done".

I wanted to stay with him during the procedure but I started to cry and the doctor asked me to leave the room. He was very apologetic and sweet but he said he just couldn't do it with me crying there so I went and cried in the waiting room.

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