Gerzain Chavez, M.D.

When you are an intern or a senior medical student-- when you begin performing these procedures-- it's done because you are expected to do them-- because that's part of what an intern does. And it's not questioned whether it's your principle to do it or not. At least, this was my experience. It was part of our duty.

There's many choices that are taken away from the child. Uh... And I think that if it's a parent's choice-- And here's where my thought comes-- it's the parent that's making the choice, not in detriment of the patient. At least, that's the thought that the parents have... When they're piercing their daugher's ear, it's not so they can cause suffering to that ear, it's to enhance the beauty of that child. In that way, I think of circumcision: that the parents, in their belief, are doing something that's good for the child. Whether it's because of a tradion of the family, for the harmony of the family, for the religious tradition, or-- in probably a few-- because they think it's medically in the benefit of the child. So, that is where I can feel good about doing a circumcision: inthat, even though it's not a choice that's given to the child and it's taken by the parents, the parents in their thought at that point in time, as a benefit to the child.

There is not a medical indication for circumcision.

I think the majority have said it's because of the tradition in the family-- not necessarily because it's connected possibly to religious tradition in their past-- but just because somebody in their family has had the circumcision.

If I had strong scientific data that would show to me that there is emotional trauma, yes, I would be against it.

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