One Circumcised, One Not

I regret constantly the non-decision to have my first son circumcised.. .I say non-decision because, like you, I assumed it was the thing to do and everyone did it. I mean my husband, my dad and my brothers were circumcised and it didn't hurt them. I learned more... its hard to find anyone to recite benefits of circumcision because there are very very very very small... so small the AAP no longer recommends circumcision. We are the only country that still performs this procedure as a routine... i.e. non religious reasons. The more I learned and the more I witness through documentaries, etc. the more disgusted I became with myself for being so dang ignorant. Just because everyone did it shouldn't have been good enough. Pandering to the masses. Anyway, I've come to the firm conclusion that I really had no right to remove a part of my son's body... without his permission and w/ such trauma. Its a horrific procedure, one in which the children are strapped down and traumatized. I can send you a ton of links, and the names of videos (documentary) that you can view to fully see the procedure and to hear more facts.

I can't ever take back what I did to my first son ... if my second (intact) son ever wants to be circumcised in the future - then I'll be fine knowing it was his decision.

All my reasons for doing this were totally ridiculous looking back ; the locker room theory, the hygenic reasons, etc... there is just no basis in reality for any argument I've heard.

You've asked just for feelings, and those are mine. I certainly mean to start no war, but I urge you to think more about it... for a procedure w/ no medical reason - why else would you do it? --Cathy

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